BUS314 Business Simulations B
  2単位 3~4年次 2学期

【到達目標】Creating an investment portfolio
【講義内容】You will learn about different kind of investments you can make such as shares/currency/property and commodities. You will then be given an amount of imaginary money which you will use to buy investments and create a portfolio.


  • Introduction to investments
  • 事前学修: Think about how to invest 50 million yen [0.5時間]
  • 事後学修: Think about which companies you like [0.5時間]
  • Stocks & Shares
  • 事前学修: Research 5 companies [1.0時間]
  • 事後学修: Choose companies to invest in [1.0時間]
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • 事前学修: Write up about a company you would like to start [1.0時間]
  • 事後学修: Choose an IPO [1.0時間]
  • Government and Corporate bonds
  • 事前学修: Choose a country you would like to invest in [0.5時間]
  • 事後学修: Decide how much to invest in bonds [0.5時間]
  • Venture Capital
  • 事前学修: Create a product you think people might buy [1.0時間]
  • 事後学修: Prepare a brochure for a product [1.0時間]
  • Currency speculation
  • 事前学修: Choose 2 currencies to pair up [0.5時間]
  • 事後学修: Analysis of your currency pair [1.0時間]
  • Buying property
  • 事前学修: Think of a location you would like to buy [0.5時間]
  • 事後学修: Prepare a presentation of you property [1.0時間]
  • Commodities
  • 事前学修: Choose commodities you would like to buy [0.5時間]
  • 事後学修: Invest a definite amount in 2-3 commodities [0.5時間]
  • Collectibles
  • 事前学修: Choose 3 collectibles to buy such as stamps/coins/antiques [0.5時間]
  • 事後学修: Prepare a presentation of your collectibles [0.5時間]
  • Spread Betting
  • 事前学修: Write up a prediction of which way the stock market will move [0.5時間]
  • 事後学修: Write up analysis of the results of your prediction [1.0時間]
  • Hedging
  • 事前学修: Make a list of your riskiest investments [0.5時間]
  • 事後学修: Decide which investments to hedge [0.5時間]
  • Review of all options
  • 事前学修: Make a preliminary list of investments [0.5時間]
  • 事後学修: Analyze your decisions and make changes [1.0時間]
  • Second review of all options
  • 事前学修: Prepare your second list of investments [0.5時間]
  • 事後学修: Make a final list with reasons [1.5時間]
  • Present your investment portfolio
  • 事前学修: Prepare powerpoint [1.0時間]
  • 事後学修: Analyze your portfolio's strengths and weaknesses [1.0時間]
  • Present your report
  • 事前学修: Prepare a defence of your choices [2.0時間]
  • 事後学修: Final changes to report [2.0時間]
【評価方法】Report and presentation
【担当者からの一言】It will be exciting to create your own portfolio of investments and see how much money you make or lose over the course of the semester.